CMD's Message


It is a journey of over 25 years through which we have achieved our corporate principle “Exploring Resources and Enduring Values” which express our unique stance, a forward looking commitment and challenge to discover new potentials while establishing and strengthening the interrelationship of society, technology and environment.

The per capita consumption of steel in India is around 52 kg as against the world average of 145 kg. It is generally accepted that 80 to 85 % long products are needed in under-developed countries, about 60 to 65 % in developing countries and 30 to 35% in developed countries. Further, per capita steel consumption is generally 5 to 50 kg in under-developed, 50 - 225 kg in developing and over 225 kg in developed nations.

India has a vast potential to grow and huge developmental activities are undertaken everyday. As a part of a rapidly developing nation we contribute our fullest to achieve new milestones by facilitating the growth with our understanding of the technologies that enables us to provide adequate aids at a more economical, ethical and eco-friendly price.